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Concept & design

Availability, flexibility and responsiveness to serve you


At the start of your request, we validate your objectives together and our design office will design and industrialize your robotic solution: production line completely integrated into your environment, robotic cell, automation of manual gestures.


The many fields in which we have intervened over the past 20 years have contributed to developing our technical versatility and allow us to offer you innovative solutions as well as favorable economic conditions.


Our skills :

  • Mechatronics engineering including mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic, software

  • Feasibility studies

  • Robotic programming

  • Specifications and technical descriptions

  • 2D and 3D plans and diagrams

  • Industrialization of the machine or product

  • Risk analysis

  • Documentation and dedicated training

  • Technical assistance on customer site

Our main design software is Autocad and Solidworks. We have the possibility of carrying out your projects from design to manufacture until final assembly.

Our experience in maintenance allows us to design reliable solutions over the long term with a concern for TPM.

A professional office at your service:


Design designers - Technicians - Engineers

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