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Waterjet cutting

With our beginnings in 1992, over the years Luxrobotic programming Sàrl has  acquired an expertise that quickly turned into passion.

We can provide you with complete projects including feasibility study, off-line programming and on-site installation.

But also services as trajectory tuning, cycle time optimization, production transfer, etc...

Aquarese 2003.01.12510_38X - RobotStudio
RobotStudio Rapid File
DRS 926-0 OV52 Static Floor GLC - RobotStudio
DRS 926-0 - RobotStudio
Aquarese - RobotStudio
Peugeot T73 Tailgate
WJ On-Line Ford V408 Rear Carpet Textile
WJ On-Line Wheel House Renault
WJ RobotStudio Wheel House Renault
Ford V408 Front Carpet TPO
WJ Mototman Wheel House Renault
WJ On-Line Ford V408 Front Carpet Textile
Ford V408 Rear Carpet TPO
Luxrobotic WJ MR2A - Autoneum
Aquarese Fanuc RobotGuide
RobotStudion Code
Luxrobotic programming Waterjet#1
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