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Customer feedback

Eric Cholle Process Coordinator



“We were looking for an integrator who would be able to make us a cell to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in a repetitive task and to familiarize ourselves with collaborative robots”
  What are the main points of improvement that our collaboration has been able to bring you?
  • Carrying out the integration of a Universal Robots UR3 cobot on 2 shifts in collaboration with the operator.

  • Reduction musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Elimination of these repetitive tasks which relieved operator fatigue.

  • Increase in productivity.

How do you feel about our collaboration?
"The simplicity of the task to be carried out at first glance led us to collaboratively create a complete robotic cell with 2 separate workstations including a multitude of different products."
What do you likemainlyenters the service brought by LUXROBOTIC?
"The turnkey service provided until validation by Luxcontrol and the relationship with a local service."
" I would recommend LUXROBOTIC for his good mastery of collaborative robots and the friendliness of his team Mr Cornet and Mr Zune."
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