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The group


Within a single brand under the Luxrobotic® label, you will have access to a multitude of multidisciplinary skills as described below.

Our registered trademark is owned by Mr Raymond CORNET and Mr Jean-François ZUNE.



LUXROBOTIC programming Sàrl

Luxrobotic programming Sàrl is active in the creation, optimization & installation of offline & online programs as well as in the design and conception of robotic cells and other special machines in Europe & Asia.


Zelitec® is active in integration (design and manufacturing)

special automated or robotic machines

and also ergonomic manipulators & mini electric cranes.

Zelitec® is a registered trademark of Zelitec Group Sàrl.



Zeliplast® is the artisanal activity of the group.

It is active in the transformation of metals and plastics: machining, boilermaking (welding by extruders) / sheet metal work (TIG, MIG, etc.).

Zeliplast® is a registered trademark of Zelitec Group Sàrl.

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