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Robotic expertise

Have a global view of your project

Our expertise in robotics is generally requested for larger projects: production line, complex processes, interaction with machines or simply due to lack of time and / or internal resources.

We act completely à la carte upstream of your automation project.


After understanding your needs and defining your technical and financial objectives, we offer different technological approaches and define with you a working methodology totally dedicated to your application.


This step, sometimes wrongly underestimated, allows you to acquire a global view of the solutions proposed.


Our manufacturing know-how (machining, sheet metal, sheet metal work, etc.) allows us to offer you a technically viable solution from the start with no unpleasant surprises afterwards.


Our solid experience in the construction of special machines saves you a lot of time and money.


Keep in mind that a robot is ultimately only a "specific tool" to integrate into a special machine which itself must be in perfect symbiosis with a specific environment.

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